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Platters are delivered in disposable carton box. Cheese and fruit selection are based on seasonality and availability, hence no two platter boxes are the same. Pictures are representations and may not reflect the actual product as they may vary from packaging to display. Lux Graze Boxes reserves the right to replace ingredients should there be supply shortages which may arise due to unforeseen circumstances.


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Lux Graze Boxes takes every measure against any type of payment fraud. If we suspect that a customer’s order may be fraudulent, we will contact the customer to confirm certain details. If the customer refuses to respond with the required information within 7 working days, we reserve the right to cancel the order.


Lux Graze Boxes reserves the right to cancel any order if we are unable to provide the requested products. Customers will be immediately contacted in these cases. Lux Graze Boxes is not liable to compensate for any loss, expense or inconvenience customers may face as a result of cancellation.