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Our Story of Success

A Perfect Blend of Sensational Charcuterie Food, Inspiring Ideas and Uniquely Designed

2020 – I’m Julie, founder and owner behind Lux Graze Boxes. Growing up, our family never had an empty kitchen. It was the gathering grounds for friends and family; where conversations were had, problems were solved and laughs were inevitable. My grandmother always had Arrowroot Biscuits, date squares and fruit cake ready to go because “you never know when company may come by”. When I think back to those times I always remember that wonderful feeling of togetherness and so today, I try to bring that little piece of nostalgia to my own family and instill in them the importance that a kitchen can bring. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial heart and a desire to create something that would showcase my passion for party planning and festive cuisine. I started Lux Graze Boxes because to me, grazing boards capture what I loved most about my family gatherings growing up: the beautiful experience of human interaction and sharing food and time together. Having lived and raised my own family here in Hamilton, I especially value and appreciate the importance of shopping local and supporting businesses within our own communities; especially during these unprecedented times. Now, more than ever, the kitchen is becoming a familiar gathering place once again. When you order a Lux Graze Box, I personally ensure that it is beautifully packaged and includes a tasteful array of cured meats, flavorful cheeses and even decadent desserts. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering at home, hosting a corporate event or anything in between, a Lux Graze Box is a delightful addition and are custom designed with you in mind. So, gather ‘round and be our guest and let Lux Graze Boxes do the rest!